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Store Credit

Store Credit earned by winning tournaments, leagues or participating in events (refunded credit also included), cannot be used to fully pre-order an item. At least 50% MUST be paid for in some form of legal tender. Store Credit also cannot be used for tournament, event or league entry. Store Promotions are also ineligible to be paid for with Store Credit. Most of these promos give out store credit or coupons so using Store Credit to buy potentially less Store Credit is just going to be a lose-lose for the customer!


The Wargamers Guild reserves the right to cancel any of our tournaments at any point in time. Most of the time this will be due to low sign ups or interest but occasionally life gets in the way for us as well. Anyone who has paid into the tournament will receive a refund or the option to transfer the cost of their ticket to another event held by The Wargamers Guild.

Out of Stock Items

We have set up our online store so that most items can be ordered while we don't actually have the item in store. These items will have to be ordered from our distributors and we can't say for sure when they will come in. The more esoteric the item the longer the wait time will generally be. Please order with these facts in mind as it is almost completely out of our control when these items may come back into stock. If you have any questions about the availability of an item feel free to talk to us in store or contact us at the store phone number or email. The Wargamers Guild also reserves the right to cancel any Out of Stock or Special Order items. Any money paid shall be refunded. 


Special Orders

The Wargamers Guild accepts Special Orders for any items we might not normally carry or something that has been tough to get in general. Any items over $100 dollars we ask for a minimum 50% down payment. You are more than welcome to pay the full cost.


Pre Orders

Most companies put their products up for sale early. The Wargamers Guild will take pre orders for any product (provided we can source it from a distributor) but we require a 50% down payment on ALL pre order product. This isn't to say we WON'T get any of the product in but anyone who pays for the product early gets first dibs when it comes in. If you cannot pay the remaining 50% on release day or refuse to pay the remaining 50% we will NOT be offering refunds and will sell the product to the next customer in line.